Will Insurance Pay for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement method for those who are missing teeth from their mouth. The implant can replace one or more teeth from the mouth and provide a more natural solution to tooth loss.  Of course, the improved technology and benefits that implants bring come at a cost and they’re much more expensive than dentures. Most people who want implants want to know if their insurance will pay for the costs.

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Most dental insurance plans do not pay for the costs of dental implants. But, this does vary from one insurance policy to another, so it doesn’t hurt to check with your agent to find out. Some insurance providers may pay for a portion of your dental services in jacksonville but you will only know when you talk to your agent. It is considered a cosmetic procedure and as such, most providers do not pay for the service.

Dental implants costs vary from one provider to another. On average, dental implants cost about $2,200 each.  The costs of the implants may go down if more than three is needed. There are also numerous factors that affect the costs of the implants as well. This includes the dentist that is chosen for service, the number of implants being used, and the amount of dental work that is needed to make the implant work.

It is not typical for insurance companies to pay the costs of dental implants but it does not hurt to check with your agent to learn more. Keep in mind that most dentists offer payment plans and care credit that can help you better afford the costs of implants. Most patients agree that it is worth the extra expense to enjoy dental implants you will likely feel the same way.