The Importance of a Good Toothbrush

A good toothbrush is essential to good oral care. If you brush your teeth twice per day, floss, and use mouthwash and go to the dentist, you are already halfway there to the best oral care. But, the wrong toothbrush can leave all of your efforts without merit. Here are a few important things that you should know about your toothbrush.  Yes you can get dental services in jacksonville but why not take care of your teeth, too?

Brush your teeth twice per day for two minutes each time that you brush. You remove dirt, grime, and odors when you brush, as well as the particles that stain the teeth and ruin your bright smile. Brushing the teeth is a fundamental step in good oral health care. The toothbrush that you choose should be replaced every three months.

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Choose a medium or hard-bristle brush to brush your teeth with. There are many specialty toothbrushes on the market that you might prefer to use for better cleaning. Many people like electric toothbrushes. Spending a little more money on a high-quality toothbrush from a well-known brand is a simple, inexpensive way to maintain good oral health.

Additionally, never let your toothbrush near the toilet.  Always keep the toothbrush at least 1 to 5 ft. from a toilet to prevent bacterial contamination from occurring. It is ideal if you place the toothbrush into a container and use a toothbrush cover for added protection. Some toothbrushes are sold with covers; otherwise, one can be purchased for just a couple of bucks.

The American Dental Association recommends that you visit the dentist once per year. Make sure to keep these appointments to protect the teeth. But, if dental care is needed aside from this visit, don’t wait to make an appointment. Your dental health is on the line.