Counseling When You Just Never Can See Eye To Eye

You are familiar with the biblical refrain. An eye for an eye. It is deemed to be a form of justifiable retribution for all the injustices done towards you. The thing is, it usually starts when people just cannot seem to see each other eye to eye. Not eye for eye. Eye to eye. In that same big book, it has been suggested that would it not be rather better to offer the other cheek when someone has struck the first one.

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That, a lot of people seem to agree, is the way to go. Perhaps life’s experience has taught them that taking out the other person’s eye is hardly practical. In turn, to pay back for your physical action, someone comes out to have it out with you too. And so the cycle continues, no end in sight, no solution seemingly in sight for life’s endless litany of disagreements. Which is why we all have our arbiters.

Married couples have them too. They make a couples counseling lafayette appointment and commit themselves to endeavoring to find a workable solution for their endless list of disagreements. As a couple, they had been trying but it usually ended up in yet another unpleasant argument. Sometimes, as it is in life, it takes the third eye view to pick out those things that you and your partner could never detect before.

It is not as though you were blind to the truth. It is just the state of human nature. And yet it helps. The third eye really does open your mind up to new possibilities. And the bonus of it all is that along with the discoveries made, come wise words, words being a lot more powerful than the weapons.